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Lamoille VT 2023 Q4 Market Report

Current Market Report

Lamoille VT 2023 Q4 Market Report

Lamoille County Q4 2023 Market Report

In the fourth quarter of 2023, Lamoille County's real estate market exhibited a complex and evolving landscape. The period was characterized by a notable decrease of 18.69% in properties sold across all types, reflecting a contraction in market activity. However, this decrease in sales volume was counterbalanced by a significant appreciation in property values. The average sold price for all property types saw an increase of 31.51%, while the median sold price rose by 22.67%. This trend underscores the resilience and growing value in the Lamoille County real estate market.

The market also witnessed a 10.23% increase in new listings, indicating a renewed interest among sellers and a potential expansion in market offerings. This was accompanied by a substantial rise in list prices, with the average list price for all property types climbing by 32.84% and the median list price increasing by 32.22%. These figures suggest a bullish sentiment among sellers, reflecting confidence in the market's strength. For purchasers, the current trend of decreasing interest rates has allowed for more buying power than in 2022 and early 2023. If the trend continues, it should draw more buyers into the market.

Further analysis of market dynamics reveals a shift in the time properties spent on the market. The average days on market decreased by 17.31%, and the median days on market saw a more pronounced reduction of 52.38%. This indicates a quicker turnover of properties, pointing to a market that is becoming increasingly dynamic and competitive.

In conclusion, the Q4 2023 real estate market in Lamoille County was marked by a blend of decreasing sales volumes and increasing property values across various property types. This juxtaposition suggests a market that is adjusting to changing conditions, with a clear trend of value appreciation. The data indicates a robust potential for investment growth in Lamoille County's real estate sector. For those seeking more granular insights or specific data on Lamoille County's real estate trends, consulting with local real estate professionals is recommended.

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